Digital Government MetaMonitor is a project of The Lisbon Council, realised within the CoVAL project.

Our aim is to make this tool as useful as possible for anyone interested in the use of digital government solutions by citizens, businesses and public institutions.

Do you have suggestions to improve the Digital Government MetaMonitor? Please let us know using this form.

You may want to contact us about:

  • The MetaMonitor in general, for instance if you want to suggest a new topic area or metadata category (next to completeness, update frequency and machine readability);
  • A general topic, for instance if you feel that an important indicator is missing within eID, ePayment, Messaging, Transparency or General Digital Services;
  • A specific country, for instance if changes are coming in your country’s digital government monitoring system or if a new digital service module is underway (e.g. if your country is introducing an ePayment system);
  • A specific indicator, for instance if you want to suggest a new data source or correct the data that we found (despite careful research, mistakes may have been made, as the team consists of only humans, for now...);